Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Celebrity Chignon Hairstyles For Women 2009

There are tons of videos on YouTube and elsewhere that offer terrific instructions for sweet little updos - just check out our Easy Updo Video Playlist. It may take you forever to get a perfect hair-bow like Paris Hilton's, but do you really want to look like Paris?

Right now, the sweetest looks are just a little messy. At the 80th Annual Academy Awards , all the A-listers sported sweet, carefree tendrils streaming from their effortless-looking updos. Think Jen Garner :

Flash Updo: Jen Garner's Oscar-Worthy Chignon

While you know she spent hours in a salon chair, this is a look easily duplicated in a number of minutes (providing you have enough hair to pull it off. I obviously don't). It's just a low, messy chignon. This look will work best on long, gently wavy hair.

Paris Hilton's Oscar-Worthy Chignon

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