Friday, April 30, 2010

Modern classy celebrity hairstyles from Amber Heard

Amber Heard it is an young American actress who became famous from her role of Greta Matthews on Hidden Palms.

Amber Heard has some cute classic hairstyle definitely not old just classy and made in an very modern way which makes her look chic.

Amber Heard has swept to one side and combed back alluring on the other. Amber Heard with her gorgeous hair color golden blonde hair and her classic retro hairstyle its looking very good and beautiful:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Modern hairstyles trends with bangs for medium and long hair

Here are the latest modern hairstyles trends with bangs for medium and long hair. Bangs are some very nice addons to your hairstyle and they came in different shape.

Side swept bangs are the best option because they cover any part of face you want and can cover up trouble spots such as a bigger forehead.

For short hair the best bob is a chin length bob that will make you look great.Girls can experiment with the style that works best for them, below are some great modern hairstyle with bangs for short medium and long hair:

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Modern Celebs Long Curly Hairstyles 2010

If you have natural wavy hair don't even think to change it, I'm sure a lot of women envy your hair! You just need to know the latest hairstyles from celebs in 2010 to get the best haircuts and hairstyles in this summer.

With curly hair your hair has a great personality and the waves can create a cool messy sexy hairstyles and you don't need to do much.

You can add some great bangs like wispy or uneven bangs to these curly wavy hairstyles to bring attention to your face and eyes, here are some photos with the best celebrities wearing wavy hairstyles in 2010:

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Modern Lindsay Lohan Long Hairstyles 2010

Lindsay Lohan its a sexy actress who always knows how to look fashionable with her best long hairstyles. Lindsay Lohan chose cool her hair colors who can range from her red hair to classy blonde highlights.

Lindsay Lohan hairstyles persist with long wavy curls, soft waves, bangs or simple sweeps to flipped curls. Lindsay Lohan does not uses bangs but if you like to copy her hairstyles and also want to center you face you can add some great straight bangs to your hairstyle, here are some photos with Lindsay Lohan long and wavy hairstyles:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Modern Short Hairstyles Fashion 2010

Before you choose a new trendy hairstyles you have to be positive that it matches you facial shape, skin tone and general style.

Here are some cute short haircuts style from Katie Holmes and Sarah Harding. Black hair like Katie Holmes one is the envy of many women, as it has a mysterious look yet is naturally highlighted , check the photos:

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Modern Curly Short Bob Hairstyles Summer 2010

Bob haircuts are a very trendy and modern hairstyles in 2010 and with some cool adds like curs and bangs these hairstyles are very trendy!

A bob haircut can make a contour to your face or a concave fringe, longer on sides and shorter at the back you have so many option for this bob to work great for you. Here are some photos with curly wavy short bob modern hairstyles and more:

Monday, April 5, 2010

Modern Curly long hairstyle for women 2010

Curly hairstyle need a completely different approach than straight hair but it’s not harder to maintain these curly hairstyle than it is to manage other hair types. Once you get your curly hair right (naturally or using the curling iron) it can actually be much easier.

Curly hairstyles look wonderful and are very trendy but you may need some hairstyles ideas and here are some photos that will help you: