Thursday, April 11, 2013

Popular Hairstyles for Back to School

Popular Hairstyles for Back to School

It’s back to school time, so our readers are anxious to know what the most popular hairstyles of this year will be. Trends in hair color and haircuts will determine which popular hairstyles will be best for you this school year. So what are the trends in hair color and cuts?

Looks like haircuts need to be versatile and fun while working with your natural texture. For hair color, I am seeing a lot of auburn, chocolate and toned down blondes in all the fall collections.

Shows like Gossip Girl are helping shape the styling and accessorizing aspects of popular back to school hairstyles. Take a cue from these shows and add scarves and headbands to your hairstyles this school year.

Popular Hairstyles for women

Vanessa Hudgens hits back to school hair color right on the mark with a  deep brunette shade. This school year, tone down your current hue and add richness to it to create beautiful depth and shine.

What do I mean by adding richness? If you are a light blonde, try forgoing the bright highlights and ask your hairdresser for a toned down version of the blonde. By low lighting or using an over-all toner, you can gradually darken your hue for fall.

If you are a brunette, try a glaze over your current hair color to give it plenty of depth and shine. And if you want to tone down a wild shade of red, consider something more subdued like an auburn instead.

When trying to pick a hair color for a client going back to school this year, I’ll be looking to the colors of fall for inspiration.

Popular Hairstyles trends for women
Anne Hathaway’s bob a great popular hairstyle for back to school!

Hairstyles with layers are a great way to add versatility to any hairstyle look this school year. Update your current look by adding a few layers around your face or even all over to enhance the natural texture of your hair and give it versatility.

Celebrity hairstylist Adir Abergel, suggests cutting hair shoulder length because, it allows you to play with different updo’s and textures.

A medium length haircut like this one Anne Hathaway is wearing would be great for back to school because it’s long enough to wear it in a variety of styles but short enough to cut down on your morning routine time.

Poplular Hairstyles for modern women
Blake Lively wears the double headband

As you may already know, hair accessories are hot right now and this double headband   trend is going to bleed into back to school fashion this year. Gossip Girl characters have shown us that hair accessories are great for back to school hair.

Headbands and head scarves can make doing your hair in the morning a breeze, so you might want to shop your favorite store now for the best picks available!! Other  hair accessories to look for include flowers and feathers worn on headbands or tucked into an updo.

So, keep an eye out to see what new hair colors, haircuts and accessories best suit you for your back to school hairdo and make that appointment with your hairdress a week or two before school starts to get the look you want!

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