Sunday, June 30, 2013

Modern Short Hair

You can wear your short hair in so many beautiful hairstyles but this can't depend of how short your hair is. The graduated bob for example, is a very popular style that has many heads turning, especially with Rihanna and Victoria Beckham sporting it and as shown by both of these idols, it can be worn in a great many ways.

Modern Short Hair

Modern Short Hairstyle

Modern Short Haircut

Modern Short Haircut for Women

Modern Short Hairstyle for women

Friday, June 28, 2013

What Is The Difference Between A Fade And A Tapered Haircut?

Before sitting in the barber’s chair, some men wonder the difference between a fade and a taper. Although these styles do boast certainly similarities, they can be dramatically different in both the aesthetics they supply and the remaining length of hair.

It is also important to note that either look will vary significantly, according to the person’s natural hair texture.

Photo of Colton Haynes tapered haircut
Colton Haynes tapered haircut

With a taper, the length of the hair gradually decreases from the top of the pate down to the nape of the neck and to the sides. It can be done with both hair clipper and scissor (with the help of a comb using the scissors-over-comb method).

It allows men to sport longer lengths while still maintaining a carefully groomed appearance. This cut also allows for more movement and greater styling flexibility.

A fade haircut image
A fade haircut

Conversely, a fade will usually taper the hair starting at the top of the pate and ending just above or right at the ear and at the occipital bone with no line. The same cutting concept is applied but it can only be done with hair clippers in order to fade out hair smoothly.

However, the resulting length is much shorter and the transition from a thick crop of hair to a short, neat one occurs far more rapidly. These styles do not allow for much movement and generally work well for many hair textures.

The fade is low-maintenance and is best for men who want a short, neat cut while keeping modern and fashionable style. There are even several variations of each style which may be termed differently according to the shop location and the surrounding culture. This makes it important for people to learn the local jargon that is used by stylists and to review before and after images that are kept in the shop.

It is also important to note that while your stylist will not be asking, “Whats the difference between a taper and a fade?” he may have very unique answers to this question. Thus, if you are working with a new barber for the first time, it is best to give a clear description of the cutting style that you want used.

This will eliminate any confusion that can arise given location, linguistic and cultural differences. If you are more knowledgeable about the cutting implements, you can even select the razor guard size and thus, the resulting length.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

5 Hot Short Haircuts For Mature Women

Jenna Elfman short hair picture

We shouldn't let our age dictate our hairstyles. There are a number of styles that are very flattering on women in their prime. The short haircuts are the most popular hairstyles recently, you can see a lot girls and celebrities are wear trendy short haircuts.

Then, what kind of short hair style is the most popular? Okay, if you want to following the hair trends, these short haircuts you should consider:
  1. The most classic Short modified bob haircut
    This haircut is nice for women of all ages but would be especially flattering for more established women.Just like Jenna Elfman wears a short layered hairstyle that is a modification of the bob. It features long side-swept bangs and long layers that aren’t too choppy.
  2. Short shag haircut for women
    Lisa Rinna’s haircut is a good example of a short shag cut. The top layers are longer and those below eye level are shorter. This hairstyle can be worn a little messy and flipped out, or blown toward the face for a classy, chic look.
  3. Short curly layered cut
    For women with naturally curly hair, a hairstyle that is chin-length or slightly shorter is very easy to maintain. Get a cut with long layers and part it off to the side. Add a little styling spritz to give the sides a little volume. Glenn Close is one of the actresses that wears that cut.
  4. The stylish short Pixie cut
    Women with delicate features, no matter their age, look great in a layered pixie cut. It’s perfect for straight thick hair. To make sure this short cut doesn't look too masculine, accessorize with a terrific pair of earrings.
  5. Trendy Short choppy haircut
    A short, choppy hairstyle with piece bangs is a good choice for older women with straight or wavy hair. It’s a carefree look that requires very little maintenance.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shoulder Length Hairstyles - Pictures of Medium Length Haircuts

layered shoulder length hairstyle

Shoulder length hairstyle  hairstyles are popular this season. There are a lot hairstyles for medium hair. The shoulder length hair styles offer including shags, choppy locks, bangs, and other flattering hairstyles.

I love the shoulder length hair, not to long or not to short, and I can style different hairstyles. Trendy shoulder length hairstyles look fashionable and are popular with the celebrities. What are some of the most popular mid length hair styles? There are a lot great looks for Shoulder-Length Hairstyles.
  1. If you got Curls? Just Bask in Them.
  2. You can Pull Your Hair Back Into a Ponytail, that’s look great no matter you sport or not.
  3. Bangs are gorgeous.Forget the Trends: Pick a Look You Think is Cool, add some bangs, and at present, the side swept bangs are popular.
  4. Play With Color. No matter what color, if you like, just have a try!
  5. Tame curls into a 50s look, that’s also a good idea.
  6. a Bob or Layered? Yes, try the long bob hairstyle, that’s a unique bob hair style for min-length hair.
If you want to cut your hair short or want to grow your hair longer, it is important to determine the boundaries within the style and ensure that a mid length hairstyle to you, is the same as a shoulder length hairstyle to the stylist that is creating the hairstyle.

This is an important part of communication with a stylist. There are many times that individuals come out of a salon with hair that is longer or shorter than the hairstyle that they have envisioned and are therefore disappointed. All this could have been avoided with the use of simple communication between the stylist and the client.

Here are some  popular mid length hairstyles pictures for you. Hope you love it.

French Twist for shoulder length hair
French Twist for shoulder length hair

Homecoming updos for medium length hair
Homecoming updos for medium length hair

Gwyneth Paltrow long blunt bob with bangs

Gwyneth Paltrow long blunt bob with bangs

Girls Kawaii hairstyle

Girls Kawaii hairstyle

Friday, June 14, 2013

Modern Medium Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles

If you have naturally straight hair or are willing to blow dry their hair straight the best solution to you hairstyles are the side sweep bangs.

The side swept bangs hairstyle makes you look great as you will see in the photos below at many beautiful celebrities like Rose Mcgowan brunette side swept hairstyle, Kelly Brook Side Swept bangs hairstyles, Rachel Taylor side swept long hairstyle.

Now if you want the get this side swept bangs style you should know that is characterized by a side part and hair that’s blown or lightly curled. Here are some photos with Long Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles for Women from beautiful celebrities:

Modern Medium Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles

Modern Medium Side Swept Bangs Haircuts

Side Swept Bangs Hairstyles

Monday, June 10, 2013

Latest Modern Sexy Medium Hairstyles

There are no perfect hairstyle out there there are just some great or almost prefect hairstyles for one omen in particularity that suits her face shape, style, skin tone and more.

The length of your hair, it’s consistency as well as weight, how old you are as well as lifestyle requirements all play a role within what’s eventually the very best. Curly medium hairstyle often supply a good undeniable style particularly when they're nicely described along with a perfect searching framework is established by using curl enhancing items.

Whenever followed by the straight side swept bangs curly hair style. You can put on medium as well as straight hairstyles just like short and straight styles, just you will have a little more manage.

Medium hairstyles offer comfortable hair length that isn't as well medium and never too short. These hairstyles vary between long hairstyles and short hairstyles.

A few of the choicest long hairstyles and short hairstyles could be conceived with medium hair. The bob is a good sample of the medium haircut that may go shorter or longer for many different hair styles.

Latest Modern Sexy Medium Hairstyles

Latest Top Sexy Medium Hairstyles

Latest Modern Sexy Medium Haircuts

Friday, June 7, 2013

Modern Trendy Short Bob Haircuts

Bob haircuts are very trendy and more and more women are trying this bob hairstyles. The short hair is soft and straight, flowing around the face in a silky shine. Bob hairstyles ideas are right here:

Modern Trendy Short Bob Haircuts

Modern Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles

Modern Trendy Short Bob Hairstyles for Women

Monday, June 3, 2013

Modern Medium Hairstyles with Layers

Medium length wavy hairstyles are pretty hard to maintain and a great idea can be layered hairstyles are a good solution to add volume.

So remember that layers can be a great way to style you medium length hair. Medium modern hairstyles are so versatile therefore you have huge amount of modern options when it comes to layered your hair.

Medium modern length hairstyles with layered are great for work, hanging out with friends or a night out on the town. Checkout some of the shoulder length hairstyles with layered pictures below:

Modern Medium Hairstyles with Layers

Modern Medium Hairstyles with Layers for women 

Medium Hairstyles with Layers